Shenzhen Digidragon Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2020. It is a service-oriented enterprise specializing in assisting overseas mobile phone brand companies to connect with Chinese mobile phone factories, integrators, IDH companies and freight logistics. The core members of the company include mobile phone cost specialists, software test specialists, hardware test specialists, business negotiation specialists, factory inspection specialists, certification specialists, packaging design specialists, contract legal specialists and market analysis specialists who have worked in the mobile phone field for more than 8 years. In line with the purpose of resource optimization, risk control, quality improvement, cost control, and order follow-up, we have combined with many years of industry experience, and maintains long-term close cooperation relationship with many solution companies, integration companies, and factories. especially to provide one-stop mobile phone exportation services for overseas brand customers who are not convenient to visit China to purchase mobile phone products during the epidemic period.

Digidragon team 2016