Shenzhen Digidragon Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2020. It is a service-oriented enterprise specializing in assisting overseas mobile phone brand companies to connect with Chinese mobile phone factories, integrators, IDH companies and freight logistics. As a mobile phone purchase agent, our core members of the company include mobile phone cost specialists, software test specialists, hardware test specialists, business negotiation specialists, factory inspection specialists, certification specialists, packaging design specialists, contract legal specialists and market analysis specialists who have worked in the mobile phone field for more than 8 years. In line with the purpose of resource optimization, risk control, quality improvement, cost control, and order follow-up, we have combined with many years of industry experience, and maintains long-term close cooperation relationship with many solution companies, integration companies, and factories. especially to provide one-stop mobile phone exportation services for overseas brand customers who are not convenient to visit China to purchase mobile phone products during the epidemic period. If you are interested in mobile phone OEM business, welcome to contact us.

What can we do for you?


Share the phone cost


Know thy self, know thy enemy

We can provide the close cost of raw material, such as screens, CPU, PCBA, cameras, fingerprint sensors, shells, buttons, batteries, earphones, data cables, chargers, color boxes, assembly fees, etc.


Due to the difference in the export quantity, product positioning and payment terms of each supplier to the raw material supplier, coupled with the supplier’s company strategy (such as early stockpiling, resource integration, order mode), the cost we provide may be There are slight differences.


New suppliers risk control


Supplier company, factory

Videos, photos, equipment, factory size, orders in transit


Benchmarking test standards

Testing the supplier’s mobile phone testing standards and results


Customs data check

Query the model, quantity, and reorder frequency of the supplier's cooperating customers through customs data


Visits to material suppliers

Unannounced visits to material suppliers, to learn about supplier orders from the side to ensure the supplier’s healthy operation status


Business negotiation

Gathers resource information from multiple suppliers

We will combine our own understanding of the cost of mobile phones and the scale of your order, and on the premise of not discounting the service, we will reasonably reduce the unit price of the supplier’s product and improve the cost competitiveness of the product.


As far as the cost of the screen, PCBA, camera, battery, shell material, buttons, packaging, assembly fee, logistics fee, and export tax refund



Hardware test

Up to 36 tests are conducted on the durability and reliability of the mobile phone through a professional third-party laboratory testing agency to ensure that the design defects of the target mobile phone are fully exposed and corrected before the formal order is placed.



Software test



Certificate assistance


The certification information required by the target market (part of the exporting country) can be handled by our partner certification company. We will follow up the product rectification work required in the certification process, and urge suppliers to complete product certification on time and quality


Order follow-up


Refine the order process


Accurate to the software, material arrival, certification, assembly, inspection node

Feedback progress


Track the completion of each node, and provide early warnings for risk points

Solve the problem


Communicate with the supplier in time for the problems that occur at each node to find a solution

Improve order

punctuality rate


Divide the responsibilities of buyers and sellers to reduce communication conflicts and shirk responsibilities


Bulk inspection

The inspection of each order will be carried out by our company in strict accordance with AQL standards


During the inspection, you will receive a detailed inspection report, including: problem records, solutions and results, text descriptions of packaging costs, photos and videos